Adding Skills and Interests

If you would like to add skill and interest tags to user profiles, you can use this API endpoint to add them. To get the correct authorization credentials to submit this request, you will need to provide valid X-On-Behalf-Of headers in additions to your normal BASIC authorization header.

Required POST parameters

  • email - should be set to the email address of the user you want to get profile information about. Neglecting this parameter in your request will result in a 406 response code.
  • tags - a comma reperated list of tags to add as skills or interests.
Note, this API endpoint also requires valid X-On-Behalf-Of headers as it imports skill and interest information into Brainstorm. See here for more information.

URL endpoints

POST: /api/people/addskills POST: /api/people/addinterests

POST: /api/people/addinterests

Successful updates to a user's profile will return 201 response codes.